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The Brand That Makes You Hungry
Edible Identity is the term used for an ID system that is designed to make you want to visit and re-visit a venue that sells F&B. As such, it probably starts with a logo, which in turn spins off printed collateral such as business cards, letter-heads for stationery, menus and so on. So a good name is all-important and it is worth discussing this with the client before accepting the brief. Should it pinpoint the type of food available or the type of customer it wants to attract, the ambience of the place or the quality of its fare, the service or the convenience?

In the following article, we have gathered together 33 creatives with thoroughgoing experience in design identity for food-related projects. They all agree that a good structural plan and meticulous organisation are essential. But the satisfaction that comes from having stamped something of one’s own identity on a place that will, hopefully, remain in situ for a relatively long time is its own reward.

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Identity for Restaurants, Bistros, Bars & Cafes
There are almost infinite differences between the numerous kinds of cuisine that could be on offer and the settings in which they are served. Café versus bar, pub versus takeaway kiosk, fast-food self-service versus fine-dining establishment, and so on. Exterior design is as crucial as the interior, and we’re talking both 2D and 3D.

It is as much a practical issue as an emotional one. When a customer takes their first step inside a restaurant, they tend to quickly absorb the atmosphere and then check out the food, availability, price range etc. The aim is to trigger their appetite. So in-depth conversation with the owner and possibly the chef are essential. Once the designer has a firm grip on the message desired to be conveyed to the client, they have taken the first step in the subsequent design process.

This will then cover everything from interior décor and lighting to furniture, placement of tables, staff uniforms, the crockery and cutlery, the colour and texture of napkins and tablecloths, glasses and silverware. These hundreds of decisions have to be coherent and able to establish the message behind the brand. Designers have to constantly work along with other designers from a host of different fields.

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