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New Faces of Inspiration
Editorial illustration is more than just an added extra to give a page of dense type eye-appeal — it can actually add significantly to the interpretation of a story, especially if it features a face. We asked 10 specialists to share their trade secrets with us.

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Feature: Editorial Illustration
For all that the camera is king when it comes to quick-turnaround publication, it is remarkable how many newspapers still lean heavily on illustrators to give their news and feature stories a fillip. One of their main channels of communication is the human face, be it famous or infamous. As UK-based illustrator Joe Wilson puts it: “Illustrated portraits add depth and meaning to an image that photography lacks. Illustration gives artists the opportunity to depict things that aren’t really there, to project emotions and ideas onto their subject and bring in other references to build a background story around the image.”

We’ve spoken to 10 top illustrators who work in this energetic field to find out how they developed their style, the important things to consider when you’re drawing the human face – and how they juggle jobs and make ends meet.

Andrew Archer | Charis Tsevis | David Foldvari | Joe Wilson | Miles Donovan | MVM | Paul Blow | Paul X.Johnson | Rami Niemi | Sam Falconer

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Feature: Editorial Illustration
Creative Country: Finland
Studio: Matt Luckhurst | Noeeko | Ordinary People | Transwhite
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