IdN v21n2: Minimalist Issue


Is Less More?
Keeping things simple is never as simple as you think. As we all know from tidying our desks or emptying our closets, the hardest part is deciding what to throw away. Similarly, many rounds of reductions have to be gone through before a minimalist artist is happy with the end-result.

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Is Less More?
A pared-down approach is harder work than adding lots of embellishment. In many cases, a minimalist approach requires a lot more work than one with a lot of elaboration. To be a good minimalist designer you must have a lot of self-belief and be strong-minded enough not just to leave well alone but to have the confidence that your viewers will “get” what it is that you are trying to say, with the least number of clues and sign-posts to guide them.

We have brought together 12 minimalist designers who practise in various media to talk about the challenges their approach poses – and to prove that, although simple, minimalism never needs to be dull!

Andrew Townsend | Duane Dalton Design | Genís Carreras | Ilegal | Jonathan Calugi | Mágoz | Michal Bohdankiewicz | Post Projects | Steve Rura | Studio FNT | Studio Laucke Siebein | Studio Lin

Motion Gallery: Geometric design
Feature: Minimalism
Creative Country: Montréal
Craft: Threading it all together
Studio: Marcel Hausler / Pau Pausa / Studio FNT / Lemonlife
Product Review: Unconventional products to wet your curiosity

100 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + matt lamination + UV varnish
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