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The Printed Matters
There are so many things that print can do that digital media can’t. Its tactile qualities, even the sound and smell of paper and ink, make printed matter unique and timeless. But whoever said that print and digital cannot co-exist? Most designers today work with both and prove that digital need not be its enemy but, rather, a collaborator.

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Why Print still Matters
If you are reading this with an actual magazine in your hands, you have probably already answered this question. Physical printing techniques are endlessly inventive. Fragrances have been added, Pantone was used, then the sheen of a gloss drip-off, spot UV, the play of matte etch, the vibrancy and detail of high-gamut metallic inks, foiling, embossing, die-cuts, not to mentioned a whole variety of bindings. All designed to enhance and complement the finished publication and demonstrate the uniqueness of the designer’s art.

We have interviewed 15 creatives who are all devotedly wedded to print. They love the smell, the touch, the sound of hard-copy publications and the endless possibilities they offer for embellishment and innovation. Read on – for a detailed explanation and some stunning examples of what can be done with it.

Anonymous | Büro für Design Fabian Greiser | Confetti Studio | ENZED | Homework | Joe Shouldice | Jon Hannan | Kolektiv Studio | Maria Fischer | MURMURE | RoAndCo | Tommy Perez | Trapped in Suburbia | Work in Progress | Yurko Gutsulyak

Motion Gallery: Seamless Transition
Feature: Effects Special
Creative Country: Uruguay
Branding: Edible Graphics
Studio: It’s all about Aesthetics
Glitch: Art of the Imperfect
Product Review: Hottest Designed-related Products

100 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
Online access to included

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