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Illustration XXXL
Illustrators are moving away from using paper and/or the computer as a platform and simply enlarging their works as much as possible — utilising both the interior and exterior walls of buildings, shopping malls, offices, parks… almost anywhere can become their canvas.

These illustrators have opted to work far outside their comfort zone and this allows little scope for mistakes, so extreme concentration is needed. Those featured in this issue have all encountered ups and downs creating super-sized works of art and we are sure you can learn something from their experiences.

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The Bigger the Better?
We often encourage people, especially those who work in creative fields, to think outside the box. Even without such encouragement, no-one’s creative drive should be limited in this day and age — not by platform, size, venue, environment, or even other people.

Hence the line that separates design genres becomes thinner and thinner and creatives start to think about how to expand their platforms in order to increase their works’ exposure. Those who rely on paper as their major platform have mostly gone digital. Some say this makes things easier for them, others are still familiarising themselves with it.

It certainly expands their works’ reachable range since it makes them accessible to everyone with an Internet connection, and this leads to increased dissemination and, hopefully, more opportunities for commissions and collaboration. The other side of this coin is that putting works on the Internet imposes size restrictions depending on how big is the screen via which viewers access it.

Akvile Magicust | Aleksey Postulga | Amaël Isnard | Annica Lydenberg (Dirty Bandits) | Benoit Ollive (Graphicfury) | Brosmind | Camilla Falsini | EJSMONDT | Emily Eldridge | Humble Writerz | It’s A Living | Joel Derksen | Ju Schnee | kissmiklos | LaCharbonne (Camille Charbonneau) | Lu Paul | Maryam Khaleghiyazdi | Matthew Wong | MOTS | Nadine Kolodziey | Natalia Pastukhova | NeSpoon | OKER (Mário Fonseca) | Studio Tuta (Patrizio Anastasi & Alice Lotti) | Perrine Honoré | Plastered 8 | Robolito (Adriano Vaz Bohra) | Royalclub | Ruwangi Amarasinghe a.k.a. Roo | SAMINA | Sophi Odling | Studio Moonchild (Anacathie & Freakyfir) | Tanya Heidrich | Taylor White | Vanya Dudchenko | Wade and Leta | We Are Büro Büro (W.A.B.B.) | Xoana Herrera | Yok & Sheryo | Zheeshee Production

160p + 8p cover
160mm (w) x 230mm (h)
4 varying paper stocks
4C process + matt lamination
ISSN (English Edition): 1029 4805
ISSN (Chinese Edition): 1029 4813

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