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Selling Yourself Out
The end-goal of nearly all design is to promote — either a brand through its ID profile, a product via visually attractive packaging, or yourself. Paradoxically, this last category is probably the hardest, even though all kinds of promotion involves some degree of drawing attention to yourself and your unique gifts. And perhaps how successful you are at it depends largely on your character: are you a natural introvert, hiding your light under a bushel, or do you enjoy blowing your own trumpet?

In the following feature article, we have gathered together 50 contributors who are experts in making promotional design for themselves and/or others. They share their experience of producing promotional design and their thoughts on what makes a long-lasting piece of self-promotion. However good you may think you are at this already, we guarantee that you will learn something.

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Promotional Design Issue
There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to self-promotional design, given that all design is to some extent promotional. That covers the totality of a designer’s output, from a personal logo to a letterhead for a resumé to a business card. Essentially, you are selling yourself, as of course you are with everything you design. So you have to think long and hard about which aspects of your talent you most wish to emphasise. Do you want to be known for your subtlety, your sense of humour or your in-your-face ability to grab attention?

Any means of reaching this goal are valid, but you must be careful what you wish for. You can use different materials, cutting, texture or printing techniques, to produce a highly creative and unique self-promotional item. But consistency is key. The image you convey is the one you’ll be stuck with and, by the same token, frequently changing your stylistic personality will only lead to confusion.

Anders Bakken Design | Avec | Bal Icme | Canhür Aktuğlu | Carolin Wanitzek | Christian Rudolph | Chun-Ta Chu | Clarise Benade | Colm O’Connor | DAEKI & JUN Design Studio | Filipa Alves | Filippo Cardella | Garry Calderwood | GDLOFT | Happening Studio | HaritaMetod | Lacuna: Design + Visual Arts | Jiyoung Jeon | Jose Berrio | Jovenville | Justin Sang-Ki Yi | King Lario | Kyle Robertson | Laura Voet | Lesli Ink | Lisa Neureiter | Lucía Izco | Maria Pineda | Martin Zarian | Mathew Lynch | Michael Courtney Design | Miguel Dias | Mireldy | Ozan Karakoc Design Studio | Paul Sterry | Pedro Fonseca Almeida | Sara Puig | Somewhere Else | Stefanie Brückler | Studio Kohl | Studio Mimi Moon | The Neighborgoods | thekitchen | Turnstyle | Typozon | Universal Favourite | Vidar Olufsen | Volume Inc. | Wilmari Botha | Wir Sind Schoener

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