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Reading Between the Lines
Many specialist typographers are so hung up on creating beautiful, dramatic or unusual letterforms that the purely graphic components of their creations are sometimes overlooked. Others, however, take pride in giving equal weight to both words and visuals – and, indeed, shape their designs in such a way that they compliment each other perfectly. We look at the work of five designers who excel at producing this combined effect.

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Feature: Typography Special
There is pure typography — letter-forms designed to make the biggest, or most original impact — and then what we might term subsidiary or auxiliary typography, one in which the type-faces are specifically chosen or constructed to convey the meaning of the words they spell out, and to integrate seamlessly into the overall design.

In this special feature article, we have asked five leading creatives who have mastered the art of combining words with visuals, and of infusing their alphabets with the “spirit” of the messages they set out to communicate, to explain how they go about their subtle task. And, of course, to demonstrate how they do it.

Alander Wong | More Tong | Pedro Luis | Gemma Goode | Anthony Neil Dart

Motion Gallery: Titling
Feature: Typography Special
Creative Country: Turkey
Studio: Innovative Europe
Idea: The Coming-of-Age of Street Art
Idea: The New Pattern-Makers
Typography: A Single Typeface with Many Uses

108 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
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