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Embellishing your surroundings
What design discipline combines aspects of architecture, urban planning, landscaping, interior decoration, scenography, lighting, historical preservation, industrial design, way-finding, information graphics and graffiti? Answer: environmental design.

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Environmental Graphics Issue
Sharing the street artist’s desire to “re-claim” public spaces for the people that inhabit them, environmental designers – whose work is usually commissioned rather than self-initiated – place a lot of importance on the character and traditional nature of these spaces, and trying to achieve harmony with them, rather than simply expressing themselves.

We have brought together 10 leading exponents of this fascinating design departure to tell you how they go about it – and show off some of their most successful achievements.

Aakash Nihalani | Boa Mistura | Egg Office | Esther Stocker | Kitsch Nitsch | Studio Myerscough | P-06 Atelier | Rama Studio | Timothy Goodman | Büro Uebele

Motion Gallery: 3D Graphics in Motion
Feature: Environmental Graphics
Creative Country: Hungry
Projects: Oono’s 360° World / What does Five Mean to You? / Playing it by the Numbers
Studio: CK Chiwai Cheng / Leslie David / Transform Design
Pick of the Month: Illustration / Typography / ETC

108 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
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