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Perfecting those Air to Surface Missiles
Designing the perfect digital tools and useful applications that end-users will want to embrace is the design world's new holy grail. We present the work and observations of 9 prestigious practitioners of this most cutting-edge end of the design field to show us how interaction design can be as functional as it is fun to use – and to discuss the challenges that it offers, as well as to predict some of the future paths it may take.

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Redefining the term “user-friendly”
Design usually has one of two goals, often both: to be aesthetically pleasing to a viewer and to “sell” whatever brought it into being, be that an actual product, a brand, an identity or an idea. Interaction design lives or dies through recipients’ responses to it. If as result of seeing it, the viewer cannot or does not want to “inter-act” with it, then the design quite clearly hasn’t worked.

As one practitioner noted: “We need to be able to tap into audiences’ minds in order to build intuitive designs that help enhance their lives and extend the way they interact – this is really what interaction design is about, it’s about building experiences for people.”

Jean-Christophe Naour | Josh Nimoy | Multitouch Barcelona | Nation | Snibbe Interactive | Sword & Sworcery | ToDo | Trafik | YesYesNo

Motion Gallery: Hand-drawn
Interactive Design: Perfecting those Air to Surface Missiles
Creative Country: South Korea
Branding: MoMA
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104 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
112 minutes DVD Video included

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