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Shaping Their Own Patterns
Patterns are easy, right? Just come up with a nice little design, then copy-and-paste it ad infinitum. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. We decided to reduce the parameters even further – and asked seven creatives who utilise mainly shapes to achieve their desired effect, how the tight discipline involved both constrains and liberates them. It is a lot more complicated than you might think – but the results can be deeply satisfying.

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Shaping their own path
Do you know what a drop repeat is? Or an allover, a foulard, a floral, or a conversational? They are all terms from the world of pattern design. There doesn’t seem to be one for pattern design that is based on the use of shapes – but that is what this issue’s main feature is all about.

Shapes are a fundamental constituent of almost any form of visual art. As featured artist Andy Gilmore puts it: “Pattern design is about harmony in all its elements – form, colour and composition”. The ability to envisage the big picture, to see the wood for the trees, is a rare one. Merely reproducing over and over what looks good on a sheet of paper or a computer screen won’t cut it: it is the overall effect that counts.

Sigrid Calon | Zeitguised | Metric72 | Gareth O’Brien | Sergey Sbss | Andy Gilmore | Nelio

Motion Gallery: Collage
Shapes in Patterns: Shaping Their Own Patterns
Creative Country: Russia
Type Casting: Julius Hui
Idea: Why paper can still cut it
Studio: 3group / Aoki
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104 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
90 minutes DVD Video included

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