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Stamps of Authority
A good logo never stands alone — it always acts as the front-runner for a whole identity package. At least, that’s what the experts tell us. And the simpler it is, the more effective it will probably be. It should also be flexible enough to be capable of adaptation to almost any media. These are just a few of the lessons you will learn if you read what our 17 leading logo designers have to say on the subject. And their messages are backed up with bags of visuals demonstrating their own best efforts in this field.

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Making a lasting impression
One thing comes through very clearly in this special feature on logo design — that you cannot create one in a vacuum. A good logo can often be crucial to a firm’s marketing campaign, establishing itself as an instantly recognisable symbol conveying such values as trustworthiness, reliability, craftsmanship, value for money, glamour and all-round desirability. But it has to be adaptable to a multiplicity of media needs — from billboards to posters to print advertising to TV to packaging to stationery and so on.

The very best logos are badges of pride — prominently displayed on clothing, for instance, or status-symbol consumer products. As such, they should be fashionable, elegant, readily identifiable. And the key is simplicity. A complicated combination of letters and shapes that is difficult to take in at a single glance will never do its job properly.

Allan Peters | Andre Gottschalk | Bruce Mau Design | Côme de Bouchony | Felt Branding | Houdini | Hyperkit | Jan Avendano | Kissmiklos | Mihail Mihaylov | Mike McQuade | Project Projects | Rejane Dal Bello | Thonik | Toormix | Vanessa Lam | Young

Motion Gallery: 8-Bit
Logographic Issue: Stamps of Authority
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