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Nostalgia In Modern Times
Is there a counter-revolution underway against the “perfection” that modern technology has brought to our artistic endeavours? Time was when you could tell that a work of art had been man-made by the small flaws in its execution – these tended to give it an endearingly human touch and very often underscored the passion that went into making it. To say nothing of the serendipitous discoveries that came with a non-assisted approach. More and more artists, it seems, are taking a trip back to those less-exacting days. Call it “nostalgia art”, call it “retro”, it holds a lot of appeal for a lot of designers.

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The Present Imperfect
Nostalgia In Modern Times

Aesthetic Apparatus | Doe Eyed Design | Doublenaut | Jim Datz | Jimmy Turrell | Middle Boop | Pandayoghurt | Tyler Stout

Motion Gallery: The Colours of Our Lives
The Present Imperfect
Creative Country: Poland, Design’s poster-boy has come of age
Exhibition: Sister cities unite to advance urban architecture in China
Type Casting

93 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process, spot UV
101 minutes DVD Video included

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Chinese, English