不論你覺得是吸引或反感,昆蟲才是地球真正的主人翁。世上所有的生物當中,80% 都是昆蟲,不論是寄生蟲,害蟲甚至是臭蟲,或是什麼形狀和顏色,天生極具組織能力,用處多多。它們雖然體積細小但絕不能忽視。 於今期雜誌,昆蟲不只能嘗到,聞到、觀看到甚至能觸摸到。讓我們對昆蟲所搜集得來的一些觀點及實驗結果和理論,如昆蟲般爬行,飛濺到每張書頁內。展示它們如何,作為時間標記,工作基礎、藝術材料,解決未來問題等方案。讓昆蟲肆虐於紙頁中。

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• Karine Hamel-Cam & Lucile Vidal – Micropolis – The City of Insects
Following Jean-Henri Fabre’s footsteps, Micropolis’ mission is to make us understand insects, if not love them. Diversity of species, reproduction modes, metamorphosis process, housing: a visit in the heart of the city of insects.
• Guy Theraulaz – Research Director at CNRS – Collective Intelligence
We met Guy Theraulaz, research director at the CNRS who works on animal cognition. How building insects’ civilisations interact in order to build their fabulous cities.
• Cornélia Hesse-Honegger – Science Illustrator – The One Who Painted Mutants
Cornelia Hesse-Honegger studies and paints insects who suffered morphological mutations around the world. A scientific and sensitive production that says a lot about man, nature and their mistakes.
• Jan Fabre – Contemporary Artist – The Master and the Scarabs
A conversation with Flemish contemporary art master Jan Fabre. When the artist manipulates nature to serve his message, insects become art material.
• Marie Dominique Wandhammer & Marie Ernster – Zoological Museum – Entomological Curiosities at the Museum
Strasbourg’s zoological museum abounds with a huge collection of insects. For dozens of years, the museum has acquired, studied, classified and sorted these fascinating creatures to show them to the public in their best light.
• Cédric Auriol – Micronutris – A Plateful of Insects
We met the founder of Micronutris, the first company in Europe to breed insects and create protein rich products fit for human consumption. Enjoy.

• Alma Haser – Germany
• Victor Ciccarelli – Italy
• Ryo Takemasa – Japan
• Alix Lukas – USA
• Zachari Logan – Canada
• Catherine Chalmers – USA
• Adam Batchelor – UK
• Igor Siwanowicz – Poland
• Sam Droege – USA
• Shikhei Goh – Indonesia
• Toni Demuro – Italy
• Travis Bedel – USA

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Cercle 雜誌於 2011 年由三個平面設計師和插畫家 Marlène Astrié,Marie Secher 和 Maxime Pintadu 創辦。每期專題專訪一個題目(專業,視覺,科學,文學和藝術等)作多方面探討,研究和報導,從而產生令人驚訝的,喜悅的,高質素,不受時間及每日新聞所限制和約束的資訊作內容。以藝術創作和簡單的手法去表達,為求令擁有專業知識的,初學者和印刷品愛好者都能樂在此雜誌中。


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