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Flat Is Good
Going Flat Out is the latest trend from Japan and it’s gaining ground globally. Among those who are aiming to flatten their design — while trying to retain the illusion of depth — are our featured SuperFlat specialists. See how they resolve this apparent paradox.

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SuperFlat is a term coined by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for his now 15-year-old group exhibition of that name in Los Angeles. Difficult to define, it combines elements of anime and manga and tries to do away with depth — both visually and philosophically. Some see it as a continuation of Andy Warhol’s pop-art revolution of 50 years ago. Whatever, it seems to be gradually catching on around the world.

We bring together half-a-dozen leading creatives who have fallen under the SuperFlat spell to help explain it — through words and graphics.

Dan Matutina | Aldo Crusher | Hwanie Choi | Michael Arnold | Valentina Ferioli | Josh Brill

Motion Gallery: Mixed Media
Feature: SuperFlat
Creative Country: Portugal
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