IdN v20n4: Paper Special


You can't get away from paper!
The end of paper? That’s what people have been predicting ever since the Internet became a mass medium and screens in some shape or form replaced pieces of A4 or physical notebooks. But like the paper-less office that we were all meant to be working in by now, this dire prophecy has not come to pass.

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Paper Mates
You can’t get away from paper — and these creative outfits don’t want to because they’re using it to make the most amazing works of art. The design world is enjoying something of a renaissance as more and more designers are re-discovering the beauty and versatility of this 2,000-year-old natural product. In that evolutionary way that has characterised its entire existence, paper has come to terms with digitalisation: creatives who are called upon to communicate via the computer have simply compensated for the loss of their art’s hand-crafted 3D qualities by ingenious use of lighting, settings and art direction.

We profile half-a-dozen leading exponents of paper-made art, who in exclusive interviews with IdN explain the attractions that dealing with this “magic” material hold for them, the challenges that it provides and the satisfaction they derive from overcoming them.

Owen Gildersleeve | Julene Harrison | Benja Harney | Goeun Lee | Bunch | Paperlux

Motion Gallery: Projection mapping
Feature: Paper-mate
Creative Country: Portugal
Studio: Detail Design, Studio Feed
Typography: The DNA of great designs
Editorial: Balancing graphical and editorial equations

108 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + spot UV + vanish
Online access to included

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Weight 460 g

Chinese, English