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The Joys of being Hands-On
Most of us started out, as kids, with a love of drawing – remember that feeling of excitement when the teacher or your mum placed a piece of pristine paper in front of you and a box of coloured crayons? Despite the incredible advances in digital technology, enabling even those who are incapable of drawing a straight line or a recognisable human figure to be “artists”, this is a sensation that has stayed with some who have gone on to become professional designers, but still love to draw by hand, even if they continue to use the computer for some aspects of their work. We talk to 10 of them about the attraction of being hands-on.

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Scott Barry | Jeffrey Bowman | Mike Harrison | Bernardo Henning “Maybe” | Good Wives and Warriors | Lily Lin | Mike Perry | Danny Sangra | Anna Taratiel aka OVNI

Feature: The joys of being hands-on
Animate this!
A different kind of “Ideal Homes” exhibition
We want my MTV!
More a curatorial collective than an old-fashioned agency
Paper, Scissors, Garment
A hard rain’s a-gonna fall
Pick of the Month

117 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process, metallic silver, spot UV
99 minutes DVD Video included

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