IdN v15n1: The Semiotics of Illustration


A Clash of Symbols
Illustration is the backbone of graphic design, be it for publications, advertisements, commercials, billboards or even graffiti. Regardless of its medium, most illustrators develop a very recognizable style. In this issue's feature, we look at the work and read the words of 8 leading designers who share what may be broadly termed a child-like approach to illustration.

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The Semiotics of Illustration: Teasing out the true meaning
People have been reading meaning into works of art since long before Freud, but there are some creatives who wear the clues to their subconscious on their sleeve. The eight illustrators featured in this article share an apparently child-like approach to their work, but the semiotics is often a give-away to hidden strands of deeper meaning.

Merijn Hos aka Bfree | Concrete Hermit | Geoff McFetridge | Hidehito Shinnou | Hvass&Hannibal | Ian Stevenson | Jellymon | Jessie Hartland

007 – 015 — Pick Of The Month
016 – 018 — Studio: Swiss graphics calling
019 – 058 — Feature: A Clash of Symbols
059 – 078 — Music+ Image II: On the Case
079 – 081 — Top Talent: Introducing the first of our super-students
082 – 090 — Sketch: Three Hands Sketching
091 – 100 — Videogame: Heavenly Sword: putting Ninja theory to practice
101 – 105 — Exhibition: Dutch Designers buck bleek trend

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