服飾是可以為你隱藏及切換身份。透過不同場合如: 祖先祭祀,企業活動及不同顏色,心情,慶祝事宜,為整齊或隆重打扮一番,透過配合場景而穿不同的服飾,有如經歷一個成年禮般。



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• Outfit — Brief representation of emblematic costumes.
• Léon Bakst — Sketch of the faun costume, 1912
• Miscellanea — Subjective selection of anecdotes, works, stories or expertise related to costumes.
• Do Ho Suh — High School Uni-Form, 1997
• Mannequin — Typeface by Thomas Bouville

The Art of Costume Designing — Camille Assaf, who worked in New York for many years, is a scenography and costume design professional. Conversation with an enthusiast who shared her story and profession with us.

When the Suit makes the Man — Founder of the famous blog Parisian Gentleman, Hugo Jacomet gave us a warm welcome to evoke the importance of masculine elegance, its codes and craftsmen.

The Venetian Masquerade — Four time winner of the Venice Carnival competition, Tanja Schulz-Hess opened the doors onto a world where costumes are more than disguises.

The Costume Hunter — Charles Fréger developed his photographic practise around costumes and uniformity. This was naturally what encouraged us to meet the prolific artist.

Life After the Stage — A unique location, the Centre National du Costume de Scène, collects, restores, preserves and exhibits costumes. Delphine Pinasa, director of the centre, welcomed us there.

The Male & the Uniform — Odile Roynette is a researcher and lecturer at the Université de Franche Comté. Through the prism of history, we talked of the uniform, costume of the military world, and its virilising dimension.

Marie Rime | Guda Koster | Studio Bertjan Pot | Christian Tagliavini | Nick Cave | Jack Hughes | Stacey Rozich | Stephen Appleby-Barr | Ryoji Nakajima | Chad Wys

• Design — By Sophie Suma
• Fashion — By Hélène Dupont
• Architecture — By Pierre-Mathieu Degruel
• Films — By Fabien Texier
• Books — By Thomas Lacroix & Frédérique Mantouan
• Music — By Émilie Fernandez & Alexandre Rochon
• Food — By Sonia Verguet

Cercle 雜誌於 2011 年由三個平面設計師和插畫家 Marlène Astrié,Marie Secher 和 Maxime Pintadu 創辦。每期專題專訪一個題目(專業,視覺,科學,文學和藝術等)作多方面探討,研究和報導,從而產生令人驚訝的,喜悅的,高質素,不受時間及每日新聞所限制和約束的資訊作內容。以藝術創作和簡單的手法去表達,為求令擁有專業知識的,初學者和印刷品愛好者都能樂在此雜誌中。


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