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Finding your way around way-finding
It is no exaggeration to say that we would all be lost without way-finding and signage systems. They encompass all of the ways in which people (and even animals!) orientate themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place. Therefore, way-finding and signage should be visible at all times and easy to understand. When people are lost, simple and instantly understandable directions could be literally a life-saver.

Every signage and way-finding system works closely with the architectural aspects of the space, such as materials, context and scale. They are based on a universal language of signs and icons: numbers, pictograms, colours, etc. It can be classic or totally creative depending on its purpose, but signage must be effective and easily understandable as it aims to inform and guide the visitor.

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Placemaking & Signage Design
One of our featured contributors shared a deeper thought on signage: they pointed out that signage is a clear reflection of the society and context in which it is placed and therefore must evolve with it. For example, the classical binary bathroom “men” and “women” labels do not represent the growing LGBTQ community, which is why such signs are getting close to becoming obsolete.

As for designers, it is important to master the techniques of printing, cutting, assembling and glueing materials in order to prepare the files as best as possible. Furthermore, even designing signage/way-finding for the same building, you would expect to find it in various sizes and probably in different materials and formats. It is important to remember that signage must always be consistent and harmonious with the rest of the environment.This is quite a challenge for designers, especially for those who are more comfortable working in 2D.

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