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As with vinyl records and collectible magazines, it seems that rumours of the death of the printed poster have been greatly exaggerated. Dormant, perhaps, but certainly not dead. And there are practitioners of this art who maintain that a strategically positioned sheet of words and illustrations can make more impact than ever in this digital age.

Of course, if mass circulation and speed of communication is the aim, digital is the way to go. But why not employ both techniques simultaneously? If well executed, the printed poster enjoys a huge advantage over one produced specifically for the Internet — longevity.

And even if you do not intend to actually purchase it — as a souvenir or an artwork in its own right — the printed poster has the innate capacity to hold a viewer’s attention for much longer than a briefly glimpsed screen image.

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The Writing’s on the Wall? Yes and No…
All our contributors agree that the printed poster is very much here to stay. Preview some of their comments: “The physical texture, shape, weight and even the smell of the paper can produce (something) that is truly unique and lasting. It can become an oasis allowing people to disconnect for a while from the digital world.”

“It confronts scale, environment and materiality in a concrete way that our digital screens do not. It invites us to look up from our phones and see the world around us.”

“To design a poster is one of the few ways for a graphic designer to create some kind of art. The poster has established itself as an independent art medium.”

“To walk down a street and find a beautiful poster on the corner is like coming across a friend or a beautiful store. I stop because the posters are talking to me!”

And that’s just a random sample of this litany of approval from the 53 artists we have chosen to demonstrate the power of the printed poster — even in its most restricted form, i.e. with typographic content to the fore and minimal illustration.

Acel Marselin Widjaja | Andrea Dell’Anna | Anna Kulachek | Anne Jordan | Antonin Faurel | Ariane Spanier Design | Atelier d’Alves | Bogdan Ceausescu | Burak Beceren | Canefantasma Studio | Carl Rylatt | Carla Dasso | Daniel Barkle | David Matos | Dennis de Vries | Désha Nujsongsinn | Devin Washburn | Ehsaan Mesghali | Eiko Ojala | Elena Trofimova | Eva-Maria Offermann | Fabian Fohrer | Fay & Walter | Georgia Hill | Geray Gencer | Greg Coulton | Jaime González | Hieu Trieu | Joseph Veazey | Josh Schaub | Krzysztof Iwanski | Les Graphiquants | Linus Lohoff | Manuel Guerrero | Marcos Faunner | Mariano Pascual | Martin Schmetzer | Kavan and Co. | Marta Veludo | Naranjo-Etxeberria | Richard Niessen | Niklaus Troxler | Pellisco | The Royal Studio | Steph Baxter | Sattwik Sarkar | Stuart Hill | Studio Lindhorst-Emme | Superfried | Tim Belonax | Tres Tipos Gráficos | TwoPoints.Net | Warriors Studio

160p + 8p cover
160mm (w) x 230mm (h)
4 varying paper stocks
4C process + matt lamination + spot uv
ISSN (English Edition): 1029 4805
ISSN (Chinese Edition): 1029 4813

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