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Graphics with Dimension
What is now known as “tactile design” is coming increasingly into vogue as designers grow disenchanted with what they perceive as the soul-lessness of digital techniques and feel a need to be more involved with their material, more hands-on. We have gathered designers who came to the concept of tactile design after having started out in the digital field, to demonstrate how tactile illustrations jumps off pages, billboards and screens.

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Tactile Illustration Special
Tactile design, apart from that made specifically to aid the blind, is essentially hand-crafted work that is then photographed and used for advertising campaigns, identity systems or illustration. The hands-on aspect is increasingly appealing to designers tired of relying on their computers.

As with craft design itself, tactile slows down the whole creative process and seems to make a more immediate emotional impact, with its inevitable small imperfections lending it a human touch. We interview, and show the work of 8 leading “touchy-feely” designers!

Chrissie Macdonald | Collider | Julien De Repentigny | Le Creative Sweatshop | Me Studio | Rebecca Maeve Manley | This is it Collective | Tony Benna

Motion Gallery: Onair Ident + Network Branding
Feature: Graphics With Dimension
Creative Country: Czech Republic
Branding: What is good branding?
Studio: TAF
Type Casting: Underware
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114 pages
6 varying paper stocks
4C process + flourenscent pantone + vanish
106 minutes DVD Video included

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