Adbusters #114: Blueprint for a New World Part III (Corpo)

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Birth of the Corporate Charter Revocation Movement
With the Birth of the Corporate Charter Revocation Movement, we resist, rebuke and reverse the corporatization of everyday life, beginning with a crash course on the history of corporations. Adbusters #114 will help you remember America’s revolutionary roots, recalling a time when corporate capitalism was kept in line by the people… and remind you that it can and will happen again.

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Adbusters #114 will let you in on a few secrets that lay bare the Achilles’ heel of corporate America. We expose the dirtiest, most corrupt corporations in the world, and join arms with our readers to wipe out the most criminal corporation this planet has ever seen.

– A Brief History of the corporate form
– Philip Morris’ slow motion genocide
– Kono Matsu: The revolution of everyday life
– Patrick England on the frictionless free-market of online dating
– Birth of the Corporate Charter Revocation Movement
– Global Vote on the most dirty dozen corporations in the world
– The Cult of Apple
– Soledad Vega on the long-term psychological effects of advertising
– Brand Neurosis by Max Jacob Lusensky
– 144 full-color pages streamlined around this one aim: to resist, rebuke and reverse the corporatization of everyday life!

ISSN (US Edition): 0847-9097
Size: 223mm(w) x 267mm(h)

Pages: 144 pages

About Adbusters:
Based in Vancouver, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit magazine concerned about the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces. Its aim is to catalyze a sudden, unexpected moment of truth — a global mindshift — from which the consumerist forces never fully recover.

Adbusters is a global network of culture jammers: writers, artists, designers, rabble rousers… hackers, philosophers, pranksters, poets and punks who believe that mental environmentalism is the defining social struggle of our era. They vow to change the way information flows and to shake up the production of meaning in our society.

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